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Struggling with sore muscles? Can’t seem to de-stress? From cupping to acupuncture, GABREA Beauty & Aesthetics can help you find some relief. We’re based in Milton Keynes, contact us to book an appointment.

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It’s time to listen to your body

Aches, pains, tired muscles, straight-out stress – they can all play havoc with your day-to-day. You might not even be able to get that all-important beauty sleep. It can’t continue – you need help. A way to target those muscles or distract from those anxieties so you can truly relax. That way you’ll be refreshed, revitalised and ready to fight another day. That’s where our therapies at Lasega Beauty & Aesthetics – namely acupuncture, massage and cupping - can make all the difference.

Patient at the physiotherapy - cupping
woman receiving back massage over white

Give your body the attention it needs

All of the therapies we provide here at Lasega Beauty & Aesthetics are carried out by experts. Each therapy is designed to promote overall vitality and well-being and can be used solely or in combination with another. The practitioners are all suitably skilled, as well as caring, supportive and dedicated to helping you relax and unwind. All our therapies are carried out in a calm setting that’s aimed at comfort and we’ll take care to provide an in-depth explanation of each therapy - how it works and what it promotes – so that you know what’s involved and what to expect. As a massage service with over 10 years in the sector, we know that we’ve got the therapies to help you find relief.

Unwind and relax with a massage service from Lasega Beauty & Aesthetics. Book an appointment by calling 07740 411151 or 01908 411151

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